Take down fake website

Is there a website out there designed to look just like yours? And if so – what does it matter? Around 18,000 fraudulent websites are built every day, with scammers impersonating and misrepresenting brands. In most cases, these sites are created...

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Company Registration Worldwide

Company Registration:   Starting a business can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the legal requirements for company registration. Cyberwebnic is a company registration service that helps entrepreneurs from all over the world to register their businesses...

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Digital Brand Protection

Fully Managed Threat Hunting, Intelligence, Detection and Takedown of Threats to your brand outside your perimeter online. Malware (Banking Trojans / Crimeware) Detection and Takedown Analysis and unpacking of malware in the wild to detect and takedown crimeware developed to...

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Domain Name Disputes Trademark

While the internet has provided trademark holders with previously unimaginable access to markets and consumers around the world, the risk of falling victim to intellectual property infringement and other types of fraud has also proliferated online. Trademarks are particularly susceptible...

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Illegal Domain Complaint

Please use this form to notify Cyberwebnic of a domain name which, according to your analysis, is illegal or unlawful. Warning: The domain name that you report must be managed by Cyberwebnic , otherwise we can not do anything. To...

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Trademark Registration

International Trademark Registration India’s mobile phone manufacturer, Micromax recently received the 1.25 millionth international trademark registration for its trademark – ‘MICROMAX’, giving it protection in over 110 countries. The international trademark registration for Micromax was filed under the Madrid Protocol,...

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Copyright Registration

COPYRIGHT REGISTERED FEATURES   Secure, Confidential, & Trusted The entire copyright system, including our website, is secured using 256-bit encryption. Number of copyright registrations Each piece of work you create should be registered for copyright. For example, if you're a...

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Dark Web

Enhanced Deep and Dark Web Monitoring Cyberwebnic now offers an enhanced monitoring service of the deep and dark web. We provide a thorough and in-depth intelligence tool, that allows your organisation to get a detailed view of past, current, and...

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DMARC Monitoring DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, works with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) to verify that email senders are authorised to send from a particular domain. If an email sender can’t...

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Malware (Banking Trojans / Crimeware) Detection and Takedown Analysis and unpacking of malware in the wild to detect and takedown crimeware developed to specifically target your organisation and your customers. Through a combined process of automated and human analysis, Cyberwebnic...

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Social Media

Social Media Impersonation Solutions How your brand is represented on social media can have significant implications for the overall reputation of your organization. Many companies make considerable cash injections into their marketing budget solely for use in social media. To...

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Fraud Solutions Similar to social media impersonation – mobile application fraud is the creation of an illegitimate app impersonating your brand. Cyber-criminals use this app to gain access to account credentials, take-over mobile devices using malware or facilitate...

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Why Cyberwebnic

Cyberwebnic is proud to be a global leader in Online Brand Protection and cybersecurity. Our head office is based in United States , Russia, and a team of multilingual security experts, who are working 24x7x365 to monitor for suspicious online activity that is targeting our clients around the world. We have removed tens of thousands of phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse threats and we maintain the fastest takedown times in the industry, with a high success rate and financially-binding Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We will also carry out mitigation activities, whilst an online attack is live, to minimise the reach and effectiveness of any cyber threat.

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